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T-Mobile's #LittleOnes Superbowl AD Sucks, and Here's Why

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If you're one of the few people left who actually bother to watch the Super Bowl, you might have seen this commercial with cute babies, more ethnically diverse than a TV advertisement for a failing community college. The ad --in addition to the babies-- contains a narrator, telling the babies how strong and politically correct they are going to be when they grow up. How they're going to do what they want and "not be silenced," which is exactly what you want to tell your toddler when they inevitably throw a whindmilling tantrum in a walmart because they wanted the box of Kellogg"s Corn Pops you put back on the shelf.

This commercial has all the left-leaning talking points:

Some people may see your differences and be threatened by them. But you are unstoppable. You’ll love who you want. You’ll demand fair and equal pay. You will not allow where you come from to dictate where you’re going. You will be heard, not dismissed, you will be connected, not alone. Change starts now.

Changing what? your Diaper?

Yeah, I'm not feeling this commercial. I'm all for equal pay and standing up for yourself, but this doesn't come across as genuine to me. There are too many political buzzwords tossed in, and it just seems like an attempt to bait /pol/ into trolling the comments section, and pretending some unprovoked attack is taking place over the commercial. Like I'm sure Sky News or the Washington Post is waiting in the wings so that the commercial's writer can cherry-pick the racist comments in order to paint everyone (including me) with the broad brush of "oh, you only dislike it because you're a racist or Misogynist!"

I'm just tired of this stupid cycle these political nutjobs keep putting us in. They keep dragging everyone into their crap, and all we want is to see a cellphone commercial with a cellphone in it. Seriously, I'm in the market for a branded smartphone on a prepaid T-Mobile plan. I want to buy a Moto X4, I'm not trying to buy some asian babies n' shit!!

It's not just the regressive left, either. This is a problem having to do with the less sane elements that exist in pretty much all political parties. It seems like the loudest, most mentally unstable people end up shouting their way to the top of seemingly every political identity, turning it into illogical bullshit, then immediately start trying to force feed their illogical bullshit down every moderate's throat, in places and at times that divisive political politics clearly don't belong.

Now as soon as moderates like me --who don't want this kind of political cancer in their superbowl ads about cell phones-- say that this doesn't belong here, the first thing the director or producer behind the commercial will do is cherry pick the racist comments, take it to the media, and act like it's an epidemic-level problem, further bolstering their fabricated victimhood they so passionately try and convince moderates is actually a real thing. Next thing you know, a bunch of articles are going to crop up like weeds on an abandoned front lawn about how people who watch superbowl commercials are all racist and hate women, or how superbowl commercials need "reform". Then the extremists on the right wing are going to take the bait and start posting swastikas everywhere n' shit, playing right into the hands of the people who want to label everyone a bigot in order to win an imaginary political contest. The articles by zealots on Kotaku and the Verge will probably claim the commercial watching community is "toxic", spinning some highly dubious argument that insinuates every single person watching commercials hate blacks and Jews or something, and every single one of us is sending some kind of death and rape threat, all while providing no evidence.

I know that this WILL happen, because the same thing happened with video game Journalism, (Gamergate,), Metal music (Metalgate,) Atheism (Atheism+,) and even comic books as early as 2016. Whenever the church of Leftitology wants to control a particular form of media, be it music or video games, they shoehorn their divisive, highly debatable ideas into the things they have nothing to do with in the most inorganic way, and as soon as normal --sane-- people politely point out it doesn't belong there, it's almost like these people go out of their way to conjure the Alt-right spergs on 4chan in the hopes that they'll say something racist. Cue the ten different articles about how [insert popular hobby here] needs "reform".

The commercial is incorrect

There is a point in the commercial where, during the "staring at babies during a cellphone commercial" where the narrator says:

"You’ll demand fair and equal pay."
You see where I'm going with this, right? So now that I got the fact that I'm not a Nazi or Klu-Klux Klan member out of the way, I think it's safe to point out that the gender wage gap conspiracy theory that the regressive left like to reference has been debunked numerous times as far back as the early 1980's.

You see, the 77¢ on the dollar myth is a rounded number, based on yearly Department of Labor statistics which collectively measured the average median income between males and females. It doesn't take into account things like maternity leave, the fact that men -on average- don't take vacations as often as women, the fact that men are more willing to work overtime than women, (I.E, they work more hours, hence why they get paid more,) or the fact that men are wiling to work more dangerous, more labour intensive jobs than women; those blue collar jobs that often pay more than what most women are willing to do for a living. It also doesn't take into account that men are almost twice as likely to enter a STEM field in college than women, despite being only %40 of college graduates in the states.

So where did the regressive left get this whole "equal pay for equal work" phrase from? Well, the evidence suggesting women get paid a lower salary -per-hour- than men simply doesn't exist. In all likelihood, this myth came from a lazy misunderstanding of the D.L.S. study, and much like most conspiracy theories, end up taking a life of its own.

But we all know what's going to happen: anyone who politely points this out is going to be labeled a rapist who eats black babies while gassing Jews in their spare time by Polygon, Kotaku, Buzzfeed, The Verge, and all the other fringe political propaganda reels that pretend to be tech and entertainment news websites. And as far as I'm concerned, that was the point.

You see, I don't buy for a second that adding that well-refuted conspiracy theory to the commercial was an accident. It's deliberately provocative. They are looking for vitriol and outrage over their "liberal agenda" so the regressive media can -in tern- call it an "Alt-right attack" on women. 

The regressives love the word "Alt-right". It's a way for them to call you a Nazi without requiring the balls to back it up with evidence. Nowadays, It's been getting difficult for the liars in media to call someone Alt-right and get away with it, when there are people on social media willing to fact-check these things and call them out on their bullshit. The fake tech media can claim anyone espouses "Alt Right views" though. That's the next best thing, after all. If you, for example, believe that gravity forces objects to fall, and the "Alt-right" happened to believe the same thing, the fake tech media can then claim you have "alt right views." Great way for these spineless cowards to manipulate an audience into thinking you're a Nazi, without having to come right out and say it.

I don't want to be a part of this shit. I just wanted an ad that had something to do with smartphones n' shit, but we all know what is eventually going to happen: Pointing out the irrefutable fact that the wage gap myth is wrong is going to be called "alt right views". It's a bygone conclusion at this point. This is an elaborate attempt to stigmatize the very act of fact-checking the debunked wage gap. Even mentioning that this myth isn't true will get you labeled a misogynist.

So in summation, the goal of this commercial, in my opinion, isn't what it says on the surface. At least not to me. This is yet another one of those baitjobs, where it only exists as a strawman argument to weed out only the worst kinds of political people on the right, so that anyone right-of center will be conflated with those furthest from the center. Hence why it references the famously debunked wage gap lie as a rallying cry for these babies. I don't believe the writers of this commercial care about minorities, equal pay, or immigration issues. They don't care about these kids. They are merely a political talking point to them; a round of ammunition for the war they wage on whoever they strawman at the time.

How to fix it

Moderates need to be the ones calling out T-Mobile for greenlighting this commercial. Not the far left, not the far right, not the Alt-right, not /pol/, not Tumblr, just moderates. Because political allegiances are just the perfect tool for political extremists to dismiss anything you have to say, on account of who you voted for, or what party you claim. Anything you say will be dismissed offhand --regardless of how true it is-- as being "biased". The message isn't going to get through to the majority as soon as it's stuck into the quagmire of left vs. right. The problem is, moderates aren't the type of people who dwell obsessively on something they disagree with. They see this bullshit commercial, and move on, because they often have better things to do. The problem with this apathetic stance is that political nutjobs don't have anything better to do, and will often force moderates into a corner with their bullshit until they are forced to pick a side. 
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