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Wonder OS to Stream Games on your Android Smartphone and Tablet

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If you’re one of those people who hear the words “Cloud Gaming” and roll your eyes like a priest is casting a demon out of you, (I know I do,) then this Sydney-based cloud computing company wants to convince you that their platform is ‘totally not going to suck, you guys!’ so before your eyes start tunneling through the back of your head and making a right turn three blocks up the road, you should probably know about this ambitious project designed to be the one-stop shop for all your videogames.

Wonder OS wants to put a controller on the market. Everything else Wonder has is just software, as far as we know.

This company called Wonder wants to take on Cloud gaming and aims to be the only platform you will ever need for every title out there.

For the past couple of years, a cloud computing company called Wonder has been promising a platform that can play just about any game released. During that period, this mysterious company promised a smartphone that would revolve around the cloud gaming platform, Wonder OS.

The Wonder OS website boasts a platform in which users can play all their games on one mobile device. The company even goes on to allege partnerships with smartphone makers, and even game developers.

No word on who exactly these developers are, and its still unclear how Wonder will manage to support multiple platforms in any licensed capacity.

What is Wonder OS?

This is what the "OS" portion of Wonder OS looks like.

Wonder OS is a custom operating system based on the open-source Android OS project. The company claims that its OS will emphasize entertainment and gaming features, such as integration with custom hardware, and the ability to dock a smartphone with its own custom device to seamlessly sync with a TV.

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because what Wonder is setting out to achieve is similar to what Nintendo already does with the Switch. Custom controllers and docking with a television are nothing new, and the Wonder Project shares other similarities as well. Both platforms revolve around the low-voltage ARM architecture found in tablets and smartphones, and both Nintendo and Wonder’s software employs a subscription service for its multiplayer.

In an interview with The Verge last year, Wonder CEO emphasized their hardware-based projects like their Android-based "Wonder Phone". It didn't have a finalized design, but what it did have was the promise of a platform where all your games can be played on their mobile device somehow. 

The Switch did a really good job starting with the idea of portability, but there’s a lot of limitations on the Switch, [...] think about building a portable gaming and entertainment type platform that can deliver any type of game.

Recently, however, the Wonder company website relaunched – making no mention of the Wonder Phone they've been talking about for over a year. Instead, Wonder is putting their weight behind their WonderOS project, allowing its platform to be installed on a wide variety of mobile devices. The idea seems to be to have a platform that can be installed on any device, and play games from other platforms like consoles and windows PCs.

Sound familiar?

No word on what the WonderDock is yet, but here's the WonderPad.

If any of this sounds familiar, that's because it's... It's the Google Stadia. That's basically exactly what this is. It may not have "Google" in the name, but the only seemingly 'different' approach the Wonder project is taking is its dedicated operating system. Sure, you have its universal controller, just like the Stadia, but the difference between the two seems to be that Wonder shifted its approach to being more hardware-focused.

Wonder dropped plans for the Wonder Phone. What now?

Wonder –despite not having a phone anymore– hasn’t given up on dedicated hardware just yet.

According to the Wonder website’s FAQ, plans for their own dedicated hardware, —like the WonderPad and WonderDock— are still a big part of the this company’s vision.

No word yet on when the wonder brand of hardware is set to be released, but Wonder seems to be making clear progress with its Wonder OS. They are currently accepting a select number of testers for its upcoming Wonder OS beta, which still doesn’t have any official release date yet.

Gamers interested in testing the Wonder OS project on their own mobile devices can sign up for the

Beta through Wonder’s website.

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