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3 Reasons Why Sucks

13 comments was once a reputable image hosting service, established way back in 2003. Now, some 12 years later, Photobucket is one of the worst websites I have ever had to use.

Not only is this website flooded with bandwidth-draining ads that use up more resources than a room-mate using your router to torrent bestiality, but it's clunky interface and horrible tendency to crash your web browser is why this website isn't just bad: it's dangerous.

  • It's slow. loads about as quickly as Darwin's theory of evolution. There are glaciers melting in Alaska faster than this website can finish loading a page. This shitty website struggles so much just opening the log-in drop-down menu, you'd think it was busy deciphering the human genome.

  • The interface sucks.

Go ahead. Try to find your photo albums. I dare you. Between trying to figure out where the hell your photos are, and dodging two or three loud video and pop-up ads, Adobe Flash would have crashed twice, your web browser would have locked up for 6 minutes, and your web browser will have unexpectedly quit before you even get that far.

If you do manage to get through that with your web browser intact, good luck trying to find a way to share the pic on anything other than a social network, because you won't even see those options unless you click on a pic, and load yet another page slower than a dead snail with Polio.

  • Too many ads.

Photobucket has more ads than the fucking PirateBay back in 2013. If you want to log in to Photobucket, be prepared to be gang-raped by pop-ups, loud videos about household cleaning products, and countless banners trying to convince you to buy a printed mug of whatever image you recently uploaded. Logging into Photobucket is like a malware attack on steroids holding a bag of shrooms.

I joined Photobucket back in 2004, and I had the misfortune of having to watch as this once useful website slowly became an enormous piece of elephant shit carrying the Ebola virus. I still (try to) use it, if only just to retrieve over a decade's worth of images I've collected and uploaded over the years, but every timer I go there, it's like running butt-naked through a mine field.

I really miss what Photobucket was 10 years ago, before making a cheap profit was more important than having a decent service with a good product. There was even a time when Photobucket was one of the most useful tools on the web.

I could only pray for the original photobucket's return, but until then, this website sucks.
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  1. Replies
    1. spot on. it actually causes either my gpu or cpu to freeze and kills my computer. have to reboot. must be other option in non-monopolistic freewheeling society.

  2. Dear RagePro: First, stand-up comedians -- rightup there with other people I love and admire: Astrophysicists, Pope Francis (good-hearted "God" people. My sister & I grew up laughing (watching F-troop and Get Smart) growing up in Brooklyn, lots to laugh about. thanks for your work, and making me laugh. (I don't know who you are (Mark Pitta, Nick DiPaolo) to laugh too. About Photobucket -- OMG, I can't agree with you more. I joined in 2008. It was the best. I know exactly what you mean by the BEFORE & AFTER photobucket website. It's a disgrace now. I use my pictures a lot. The premise of this website is great. all the popups, "sponsored ADS that freeze-up" my computer - how it takes forever forsome things to load....this website---you can see they want to FORCE you to "join." pay them so you don't have to endure these troublesome ads and things RUNNING in the background and screwing up the enjoyment of using their website. I don't mind paying. I think that's what i'm going to wind up doing. On the one problem, (I have been meaning to join, they provide a service, BUT....way too many 'things' going on behind the scene and INTERFERRING with MY comuter. It's not right/fair. I used to write to them (as reently as last year -- i've stopped -- About how you turned your cadillac website into a's annoying now going there. I do post somewhere where i use, it's very convenient accessing my pics all in one place.... I love Phototbucket (but) it's a problem, i get oggida now. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes just to sign in. As soon as i go there - the page freezes up -- then that UGLY-looking sponsored ad pops up (the one with all those WEIRD PICTURES of veri-close veins or what looks like worms coming out of a tomato) takes over my screen -- then i have to maneuver out of it....what a pain in the ass. If I do become a paying customer-I want to be reassured i'm not going to encounter continual bombardment of ANNOYING ADS that freeze-up my computer. The owner of this website - very disappointed in how he's running "his/her business." Take care Rage - i thought i was the only one who felt this way ! ciao, susanna in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

    1. is smart enough that they can get revenue from ads and NOT kill your computer. i know you probably have millions to spend, but i live HERE, i don't have a dime to spare. POVERTY my friend, no way around it.

    2. is smart enough that they can get revenue from ads and NOT kill your computer. i know you probably have millions to spend, but i live HERE, i don't have a dime to spare. POVERTY my friend, no way around it.

  3. article is SPOT ON...I have had a paying account for over a decade and would gladly pay more IF THEY WOULD GET THEIR SH&% TOGETHER

  4. I agree spot on the site is a complete nightmare I do find using Firefox is less of a pain than using chrome to access it, or I don't use the log out and stay logged in.

  5. And now they don't allow you to hotlink images unless you buy their 500gb space package for $400/year...LOLOL. They suck.

  6. I paid for a plan with Photobucket to get rid of Ads thinking the freezing up and the slowness would get better. I spent money for a one year membership back in late March 2017 to do so, and now they decide they want people to buy monthly plans. To me, this site has just gotten greedy, and the quality and the service has declined. There are fewer pictures/graphics to choose from, and when you do find something, it just spins and spins. And the pictures I did have now say "Please update your Account to to enable 3rd Party Hosting", meaning you have to get the plans they offer. And So I will not be renewing when my year is up. Such a disappointment!!!

  7. How is it possible they ask for money when having such a terrible services?? Theyre mad. I bet pb will disappear in a few months.

  8. Just a rip off company getting back all my stuff and stuff them with their scam plans. The most unpopular site on the net right now. It is just a low grade scam business trying to force people to pay for more shit. That company must be run by a bunch of Jackass cok suckers.

  9. YOU DONT BUY WE LOCK YOU OUT AND WITHOUT WARNING that is their strategy...I am sure and certain that 100% of their business will be lost as a result of their abuse.