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3 Reasons Why the Blogger Android App Sucks.

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I decided to write this post in regards to a problem I've been trying to wrap my mind around for a year now.  As time consuming and all encompassing as blogging is, the process of staying active on my own websites is made all the more irritating when trying to balance blogging frequently with a full time job. I could probably manage to do it during a lunch break, but unfortunately, Android versions of the Blogger app suck balls.

Yes, it's not just the original blogger app on Google play, either; most of the aftermarket apps tend to lack even the most basic common sense features you would find in the dashboard of the website.

1. Can only add one picture.
This is the single stupidest god damn thing I have ever seen. You can only add one, you can't decide where it will be, what its orientation on the page will be, or any thing else. It gives you the option for either uploading from your phone or tablet or taking a photo with a camera, just in case that one mentally challenged extra terrestrial wanted to take a duck face photo to go with every poorly punctuated article, on its inevitably horrible looking blog that looks like it was designed using a template from Yahoo GeoCities back in 1998.

To make matters worse, it isn't integrated with Google Photos, so if you have a pic on another device, or the cloud, you're pretty much screwed.

2. It doesn't know how to highlight, italicize, or bold text.
These text formatting conventions were pioneered by softwares like Corel WordPerfect and Apple MacWrite way back in the mid to late 80's, and this app is such a piece of shit, it can't even compete with software that's over 30 years old. I didn't even talk about the lack of paragraph formatting, or the fact that you can't magnet link shit; all of which you can do easily in the browser.

3. it doesn't know what the fuck to do with a draft.
If I'm writing an article at work or on the go, and I want to save it as a draft so I can continue my work on a laptop or something, my draft is going to be stuck in my mobile device, meaning I either have to keep writing the article on my phone, or end up starting the fuck over. This defeats the entire purpose of a draft in the first place.

The blogger app has been available for android for a little over five years, and the developers have done precisely jack and shit to improve upon it. I ended up going through a few apps to substitute the official one until finally settling for Blogaway Pro. Kinda ridiculous that out of all the third party aftermarket apps for this platform, the worst one out of all of them is the one developed by the Google Devs.
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    1. Had a double post, only just realized oops

  2. Not sure when this was posted but I don't have the issue with drafts as you're saying. You should try using a browser on your phone to access the regular blogger site. It works better.

    But I totally get what you're saying about the app. You'd think a company as big as Google could provide us with a half decent app ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh well ๐Ÿ˜

  3. When I was working on my blog about data room I also tried to use few apps... Failed. So I agree with you - apps for blogger are not really good.

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