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Ikea makes furniture to charge your douchey hipster devices

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So in an article written by Bradley Wint of, Ikea is interested in selling furniture that can wireless-ly charge a post-modern hipster's inevitably white iPhone, as seen in this picture below:

No longer must the libertarian starbucks blogger with a Pintrest account be forced to charge their apple computer by crawling underneath an awkwardly positioned coffee table to plug it into an outlet controlled by the system. Now, all they need do is sit at home, in their roach-infested 100 year old apartments, and write articles about that one band no living human being has ever heard of, from the comfort of their own IKEA desk!
There are also a wide variety of anti-establishment desk lamps designed to charge your phone in a variety of ironic ways, just in case you think using a cord is too mainstream. There's even one that looks like the world's most ironic tobacco pipe!
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