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Why Apple Sucks as a Company (And How to Fix It)

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Hey remember this masterpiece of a computer? (Left?) The one that was said to revolutionize the home computing market, with its low price tag, all-in-one convenience, and groundbreaking design? Yeah, neither do I.

Sadly, this is the reality that a lot of Apple fanboys don't see when it comes to most of their product line. One minute, you have this earth-shattering piece of equipment that makes you feel like you're in Star Trek TNG, and in less than two years, it ends up something you can find in the back of Fred Sanford's Pickup truck.

Nowadays, Apple products have a turnover rate of a post-apocalyptic tomato garden. If you have an iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 and iOS 7 have already made your $600 iPhone 5 about as useful as a Apple II running a PC version of Half-Life on a 4k resolution.

Yeah, I've been a Mac fanboy since I was about 11, but I've only ever had an affinity for the Macs with the PowerPC chip, because everything looks better in heindsight when you're wearing your nostalgia goggles.

For us old-school Mac users, the PowerPC chip is where it's at. PowerPC had better fractal processing than x86 at the time, it was a RISC processor, (it was easier to code for using Assembly language,) and it was overall inherently different than the mainstream windows machines. Intel macs, in my opinion, are just your average x86 machine with a "license" to run Mac OS X. I have a Sony brand laptop that mine as well be a CLONE of the first Macbook, and cost me literally HALF what I would have paid for the first Macbook when it came out. Nowadays, I don't see a single ounce of justification for buying a new Mac anymore. They're overpriced, they're basically your average PC now, and they have about as much staying power as MC Hammer in 1991.

On a different note, Apple has always had this bad habbit of abandoning it's end users for new users. They did it with Mac OS 9, they did it with OSX 10.5, they did it when they abandoned OpenDoc and replaced it with Java, and they did it AGAIN when they abandoned PowerPC for Intel. Imagine how angry Apple's end users were when all those people who sold both of their kidneys and one of their nads to buy the PowerMac G5, were told that their machine was almost completely obsolete in less than two years?

Obviously, Apple is a money-making company, and will exploit its cool-aid drinking Jobshova's Witnesses for every penny out of their wallets, and every drop of their blood, but I think that this practice is going to bite this company in the ass pretty soon. Think about it: if the interval between an apple product being cutting edge and obsolete toilet paper gets any shorter, People --including Apple fanboys-- will start to realize that no matter how advanced this technology is when it comes out, it's only going to be worth a shit for about a year-and-a-half at most before it isn't compatible with anything Apple makes anymore. That, coupled with the already mortgage-payment price tags of these products and you have a recipe for disaster.
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