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3 Reasons Why Entertainment News Sucks

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As some of you may already know, I have been the editor in chief at since I started it back in 2015. Since then, the tagline of the website has been "The Rage on News, Tech & Entertainment." When the website went on hiatus a few months ago, I seriously considered eliminating the entertainment portion of site altogether. To put it bluntly, Entertainment news is garbage.

1. It's fucking stupid.

There couldn't possibly be anything in the universe I could give less of a shit about than The fact that Jay Z and Beyonce dared to walk on a sidewalk in public wearing sunglasses, or the size of Kim Kardashian's left ass cheek. The fact that garbage like this in the news is a blight on human achievement, and an insult to human intelligence. The fact that shit like Selena Gomez's dress on the red carpet is a fucking relevant news story baffles me. I mean, it's not like Jennifer Garner's shoes are effecting gas prices, climate change, or unemployment rates, are they?

2. The people who read it are fucking stupid.
I know that this is going to piss a lot of my readers off, but if you subscribe to a publication that deals primarily in celebrity gossip, because you are genuinely interested in stories that you can gossip about to your friends, chances are, you are a piece of shit, and shows like TMZ were designed for garbage such as yourself.

3. There is barely anything worth talking about.
To put this in perspective, When journalists report on current relevant events related to crime or politics, there is a lot to cover, because even if the story revolves around an individual, the story is always going to be bigger than just one person. But when It's about Jennifer Garner's shoes and shit, there is barely enough of a story to cover a fucking headline most of the time. The obsession with the mundane behavior of fucking boring people who just so happened to be famous is mind boggling to me. I don't care what song these people sing, or what role they played in a movie: comparatively speaking, these people are just like anyone else.

There was a point when I just started writing the entertainment column for that I genuinely cringed at the thought of having to write about both Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian at the same time. I sat there at my laptop for a few hours trying to think of something interesting to say, before I just gave up and went on a tirade about how stupid the whole thing was.

The entertainment portion of primarily focuses on YouTube content creators now, because I don't have to bend over backwards trying to get material to write about. I barely have enough time to write as it is.
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