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2 Reasons Why Blogging is Dead (and Why Vlogging is Better)

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What I want to try and do here is convince any aspiring blogger who might be reading this to start vlogging instead. Those of us who have worked in print media have seen the downward trend in articles, and the depth-defying increase in traffic involving video that has made the old primitive blogging experience obsolete. If you like blogging, I would suggest you keep doing it, but for those of you who want the maximum amount of exposure you can possibly have online, you're probably better off adapting to this new platform with a focus on video presentation.

Blogging limits exposure

I'm sure there are a bunch of successful bloggers out there who are so popular, they could publish a New York times best selling book on how awesome they are at it, but let me ask you this: can we name any of them off the top of our heads? No we can not.

Contrast that with the amount of YouTube personalities -who basically do the same thing- who are not only wildly successful, but are easily recognizable? I could name over a dozen YouTube bloggers with well over a million subscribers right of the top of my head right now. How many big names are on or WordPress right now? If you have to look them up, Chances are, they aren't as prolific a figure as is necessary to gain a meaningful following online.

Bloggers were the shit back in 2006, when the platform was really coming into its own, because the concept was relatively new. A blogger could pay their rent with the ad revenue they gained from their own website in those days. Nowadays, this is definitely no longer the case. Unless you work for a popular blog that had already been established back in 2006, bloggers have little to no real chance of getting a large following anymore.

Believe it or not, Vlogging does maximize your overall traffic when you upload and host your videos on websites like Vimeo or YouTube. According to YouTube's very own press statistics, YouTube alone comprises over one billion users, (nearly a third of all internet users watch YouTube videos,) and represents hundreds of millions of hours of views a day. People only need to go on one website to find your videos all in one place, compared to bloggers who have their websites scattered across the internet, with verying SEO errors that all play a role in limiting their exposure. Not only that, but about 90% of all blog traffic is non-organic, meaning that you will end up spending more time advertising your articles than actually writing them.

Technology is leaving blogging behind

In a world where people are constantly on the move, you can't really expect much of anyone to sit back and read any articles in an age where full 1080p video can be streamed on your phone over a 4G LTE connection. Innovation favors efficiency, and sadly, reading an article online is no longer efficient when you compare it to the technology of today. Reading is becoming less appealing in a world where you don't even have to read a book to read a book anymore.

To sum everything up, I see blogging is going the way of the personal message board. Much the same way Facebook, Twitter and G+ have made Forums look like a dinosaur, The same thing can be said is happening to Blogging. Technology is always changing, and those who succeed are those who stay ahead of the curve.
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