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I never knew about Stream.ME until I watched an hour-and-a-half long debate on YouTube, between Killer Keemstar of the smash hit show Drama Alert, and Rich of ReviewTechUSA: One of the oldest commentary-over-videogame footage channels on YouTube. At one point, between Rich utterly DESTROYING Keemstar in that debate, Keem felt the need to assert his vast wealth and prominence, via the royalties he gets from Stream.ME.

E-penis-waving contest aside, the thought that there could be a viable alternative to streaming outside of Twitch and Hitbox intrigued me. As it turns out, it Really is a legit streaming website.

There are some weird drawbacks though. For one, there are three forms of currency one has to juggle on the website like some shitty Android game designed for the sole purpose of milking a user's wallet. (*COUGHcoughMobileStrikecoughCOUGH*) You have your real cash, your "sparkles", and last, and certainly least, your Unicorns, with no real balance or differentiation between the perceived value of any of them.

You have a limited number of comments you can make in a stream for some reason, with no clear indicator of when you've reached a limit, or if there is even a limit at all. For all I know, this is either a glitch, or it has nothing to do with the user. 

The one good thing about Stream.ME that stands out is that the streaming works well. Full HQ, little to no lag spikes... It's pretty much Twitch with a more clear and Focused user interface that utilizes more of the screen real-estate. 

I decided to write about it because this website should have more attention than its getting, in my opinion. To have this level of diverse competition on the web between social media websites like this is an important aspect of capitalism I feel is missing from video sharing websites like YouTube, where their only competition is bullshit like DailyMotion. Y'all need to check this out.
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